We provide our clients with the best possible professional architectural and engineering services available in the industry today. To deliver on this promise, we ensure that each project is personally managed by the most senior and experienced professionals, with the specific expertise required for the project. This coupled with the guidance from the firm's principals assures that each conceptual design has been tested by time and experience.

Project Management
Quality Assurance

project management
In 1995 the Construction Constructibility division was established, which was our attempt to revert back to the original definition of the architect as the "Master Builder." The members of this division were tasked with the responsibility of reviewing the construction documents of a project prior to the start of construction, not only of the firm's designs but those of other architects, engineers, developers, owners and more recently contractors to determine the projects constructibility and code compliance

In 2003 this division was expanded, renamed the "Project Management" division. Additional responsibilities were undertaken. The division carried the aforementioned services forward and now includes representing the client during construction of the project to assure the client that the project is being constructed to the standards that have been established during the design phase including construction supervision (as it relates to materials and methods specified), conducting and certifying the controlled inspections, life cycle costing and value engineering of the project. The firm can and often does the checking of the projects shop drawings for design conformance. Members of the firm's Project Management division include registered architects, professional engineers' former construction managers, construction superintendents, senior firm professionals and support staff. Through its Project Management division, E.H. Brunjes + Associates has completed the project management, construction supervision and observation, cost estimating, code compliance analysis and value engineering of over $150,000,000 worth of construction including new buildings, corporate interiors, additions, alterations and renovations.

Our project management division is staffed by professionals with extensive experience in both design and construction. This division prior to the start of a project completes life cycle costing and value engineering studies to assure our clients receive the highest quality for the dollar spent.

As of the end of 2003 the firm's Project Management division was ranked within the top 15 in the New York metropolitan area in project management services: a position that we have worked hard to obtain and are proud of.

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In an effort to provide our clients with the best possible professional Architectural and Engineering services, each project is reviewed on a scheduled basis by our in-house Design Review Committee. Senior staff members not associated with the project are appointed to this committee on a project basis by the Manager of Quality Assurance.

This committee meets with the project manager and key project staff during the conceptual stage to obtain project background and determine the clients' needs and requirements. Later the committee reviews the conceptual design and makes appropriate comments and suggestions. This process guarantees that each conceptual design has been tested by the combined thinking of Architectural/Engineering specialists with many years of practical experience in the field.
The committee meets regularly and evaluates new equipment and materials for use on our projects and is available to project team members during the design phase.

Before delivery to the client, the project team presents the project to the committee for final review. The review entails checking for adherence to our quality standards, completeness, coordination among various disciplines and meeting the client's needs and budgets. This system has helped to minimize cost overruns, extra work orders and the elimination of contractor claims as a result of incomplete documents.